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Hawaii Law TV is a video driven website that features quality video content produced by some of the best attorneys in the state discussing legal issues of interest to consumers and businesses.

Topics are often reflective of commonly asked legal questions and provide helpful insights and answers. The legal website also includes an attorney directory, legal glossary and both local and national blog feeds. Some of the key topic areas and attorney types are personal injury attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, divorce and family law attorneys, bankruptcy law attorneys, disability law attorneys, business attorneys, real estate attorneys, estate planning attorneys and workers’ compensation attorneys.

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Judge Dismisses Majority of Claims Against Yale Law, Gerken and Others

“Yale is gratified that the court dismissed so many of the plaintiff’s claims,” Karen Peart, interim vice president for communications at Yale Law, said in an email to Law.com Friday. “The single remaining claim is legally and factually baseless, and Yale will offer a vigorous defense.”         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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